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RAS 2018 Pre Answer Key “घोषित देख” All Set Question Paper Solution

RAS 2018 Pre Answer Key “घोषित देख” All Set Question Paper Solution: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has effectively led the Rajasthan Administrative Services, Pre Comb. Comp. Exam 2018, on Sunday 5th August 2018 at 10:00 AM at 1454 centers at various districts of the Rajasthan State. RPSC RAS Pre answer key 2018 has been released by various private coaching institutes which can be downloaded online on their official web-based interface in the wake of outfitting the due conventions. The examination was held peacefully on 5th August at various centers across the state of Rajasthan. Applicants need to download the set wise answer key which set of question paper they have faced in the exam to get the accurate probable score for the attempted exam.

RAS Pre Answer Key 2018 

Rajasthan Public Service Commission has proclaimed warning for Pre Exam result and candidates need to visit at the online interface and wind up mindful about the same. There are around 5 lakh wannabes were showed up for said RPSC RAS/RTS Pre Exam 2018 and now searching the RPSC RAS Answer key to check their probable marks which they are going to collect in the said test. The authentic answer key will be released by the RPSC board within 1 week after the exam but applicants those wish to download the same must visit at Coaching institutes website to collect RPSC RAS Pre Exam Solution Paper 2018 promptly.

Organization Name  Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Exam Name  Rajasthan Administrative Service
Date of Exam 5 August 2018
Number of Posts  980 Posts
Information About  RAS Pre Exam Answer Key 5 August 2018 
Answer Key Status  Uploaded unofficial

RPSC RAS Pre Answer Key 2018 by Uttkarsh Class Jodhpur

The answer keys for the Rajasthan Public Service Commission RAS recruitment examination has been released on the official website of Uttkarsh at http://utkarshclasses.examonair.com/. The answer key is now displaying which must be availed by the applicants those need to check the marks prior to discharge of the outcome. All those candidates who had appeared for the same may download the answer key and check the answer by taking the help of answer provided in the same.

१. निम्न में से कोनसा राजस्थान के विधानसभा के प्रोटेम अध्य्क्ष व् उपाधय रहे हैं
(1 ). निरंजन नाथ आचार्य
(२ ). शांतिलाल चौपट
( ३ ). परसराम मदेरणा
(४). पूनम चाँद विश्नोई
२. कैसे GST के दायरे के अंदर रखा गया हैं
(१). विधुत
(२). पेट्रोलियम उत्पाद
(३). घी
(४). मानवीय उपभोग के लिए शराब
३. निम्न में से किसने भारत वर्ष में २०१६ से २०२१ के लिए + /- 2 प्रतिसत के सहयनीय स्तर के साथ चार प्रतिसत को मुद्रा -सफित का लक्ष्य निश्यत किया
(१). भारत सरकार
(२). निति आयोग
(३). १४ वा वित् आयोग
(४). भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक
४. वर्ष २०१६-१७ के दौरान भारत में विदेश प्रत्यक्ष विनयोग के इक्विटी अंतप्रवाह में योगदान के सन्दर्भ में निम्न में से कोनसा देश शीर्ष पे रहा था
(१). सिंगापूर
(२). जापान
(३). USA
(४). मोर्सिस

RPSC RAS Answer Key 2018 Download by Parishkar

Parishkar Coaching Institutes is engaged for foundational preparation various exam preparation such as RAS, IAS, SSC, NDA, and different other competitive exams, including the personality development activities, thoughtful as well as communicative persons. Right after the finish, the exam experts panel of each subject has resolved the entire questions which were asked in the RPSC RAS Pre Exam held on 5th August 18 and uploaded the set-wise Set A, Set B, Set C and Set D solved paper on its official website at http://parishkar.org. If you are looking for the RAS Answer Key 5 August 2018 to check their marks prior to the declaration of the result then you must download the answer key from Parishkar Coaching Institutes web portal.

RPSC RAS Prelims Answer Key 2018 by Abhigyan

Finally, the RPSC RAS pre exam has been done and now it’s time to check the answer key which is released by Abhigyan on its official site at https://abhigyansarokar.com/. Abhigyan is one of the most trusted coaching institutions which are spreading the most important education and techniques to its students which are very useful for the applicants those are engaged with it. Applicants should avail the RPSC RAS Pre Answer Key 2018 by Abhigyan as they have provided the very accurate answers of the question which were asked in the exam. Applicants need to wait for the official answer key some days as RPSC will take around 7 days to upload the answer key on its official web portal.

१. राजस्थान सरकार ने राज्य में प्रथम कौशल विश्विधालय की स्थापना की हैं यह कहाँ स्थापति किया गया हैं
(१). सीकर
(२). कोटा
(३). जयपुर
(४). अजमेर
२. राजस्थान के पर्यटन क्षेत्र में निम्न में से कोनसा अनुपम बिक्री प्रस्ताव (USP ) नहीं हैं
(१). किले, महल और हवेलियों
(२). मेले एवं त्योहार
(३). चिकिस्तियकीए पर्यटन
(४). पैलेस ऑन व्हील्स ट्रैन
३. निम्न में से कोनसा राजस्थान का तेल – क्षेत्र नहीं हैं
(१). मंगला
(२). गंगा
(३). सरस्वती
(४). द्रोपदी
४. निम्नलिखित में से कोनसा एक ग़ैर- सेलुलोसि रेशे का उदहारण हैं
(१). पारा – बैंगनी किरणे
(२). अवरक्त किरणे
(३). गामा किरणे
(४). क्ष- किरणे

Download RPSC RAS RTS Pre Answer Key 2018 by Neostencil

Recently the RPSC RAS pre-question paper has been solved by Springboard which is one of the leading coaching institutions exist in the Jaipur coaching institute’s subject specialists and thereafter uploaded the solution of each question in Pdf format at http://www.springboardindia.org/. Applicants need to visit at the provided institute’s web portal and download the Springboard Coaching RAS Pre Exam Answer Key 2018.

Question 1: Which was the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong UN was held in June 2018?

(a). Singapore

(b). Prongyang

©. Taipei

(d). Seoul

Question 2: The 22nd Edition of Malabar Trilateral Naval Exercise was held in June 2018, besides India other two countries took part in this eercise?

(a). Nepal & Vietnam

(b). Russia and Japan

©. Japan & USA

(d). Russia & English

Question 3. Haryana govt has is given to launch a & star gram Panchayat Rainbow scheme to give star ranking to Panchayat pm basis of social parameters, what star ranking is given to those panchayats that make outstanding in improving sex ratio?

(a). Golden Star

(b). Pink Star

©. Silver Star

(d). Green Star

Answer- C

Question 4. Which state has started in the scheme called “Kanya van samrudhi yojna” to empower women and promote tree plantation?

(a). Maharashtra

(b). Uttar Pradesh

©. Rajasthan

(d). Sikkim

Answer – D

Question 5:  Bangladesh has won the women Cricket Asia Cup?

Question 6: The Government of India has set a target of achieving how much solar power capacity by the year 2022?

(a). 40 Giga watt

(b). 100 Giga watt

©. 20 Giga watt

(d). 80 Giga Watt –

Answer: 100 Giga Watt

Question 7. Recently India’s Deepika Kumari won the Gold Medal in women’s Recurve event at the Archery world cup ( stage III). Where was this world cup competition held?

(a). Cortina

(b). Samson

©. Berlin

(d). Salt Lake City

Answer – (d)

Question 8: After Appointment of justice Indu Malhotra, the number of women judge in the supreme court of India has reached two. Who is the other women judge?

(a).  Justice R. Bhanumati

(b). Justice Sangeetha Prakash

©. Justice Rooma Paul

(d). Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra

Answer – (a)

Question 9: Yosut Saleem of Pakistan has been in News recently. Who is he?

  • He is the Captain of the Kabaddi team of Pakistan
  • He is the Captain of Hockey team of Pakistan
  • He is the first ever visually impaired judge of Pakistan
  • He is the youngest player of the Pakistan Cricket team

Answer – ©

Question 10. Recently the capital of the North –eastern states has been declared as 100th Smart City by the ministry of housing and urban affairs. Which is the state?

(a). Meghalaya

(b). Manipur

©. Mizoram

(d). Nagaland

Question 11: On 24th June 2018, India’s team of four Para Swimmers crossed the English Channel in the record time of 12 hours and 26 Minute. Out of them, one was from Rajasthan. Who was he?

(a). Jagdish Chandra

(b). Satyendra Singh

©. Mahesh Chandra

(d). Virendra Kumar

Answer – (a)

12. Dr. Krishna Jakhar of Rajasthan has been awarded the Sahitya Akadami Prize Rajasthani translation 2017. She is the awarded this prize for which of her work of translation?

(a). Bhint

(b). Toba Tek Singh

©. Getha Tista Par Ri

(d). Andante Dharyodi Aankhanya

Answer – ©.

13. 23 Writer have been selected for Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puraskar 2018. Who among them is selected for the Rajasthani Language?

(a). Dr. Jyoti Punj

(b). C.L Sankhlav

©. Dr. Chetan Swami

(d). Mohan Alok

Answer ( 2)

14.Recently which space agency successfully launched the world’s smallest satellite carrying rocket?

(a). ISRO

(b). JAXA


(d). CNS

15.Who Created the Department of Diwan-i- Arz in Delhi Sultanate?

(a). Alauddin Khilji

(b). Balban

©. Firoj Tughlaq

(d). IItutmish

Answer – 3

16.Which of the following Pairs is not corrected Matched? Institution Founder

(a). Social Service League – N.M Joshi

(b). Social Reform Association – Shri Ram Bajpai

(c). Servants of India Society – G.K Gokhale Sam

(d). Seva Samiti – H.N. Kunzru

Answer – (b)

17.The Revolutionary, who was not involved in Hardinge Bomb Incident?

(a). Bhagwati Charan Vohara

(b). Avadh Bihari

©. Master Amir Chand

(d). Bhai Balmukund

Answer –(a)

18.Who Played the role of Mediator in Gandhi – Irwin Pact?

(a). Tej Bahadur Sapru

(b). Chintamani

©. Motilal Nehru

(d). Annie Besant

Answer – (a)

19. The Main Seat ( Peeth) of Varkari Sect is situated at

(a). Pandharpur

(b). Varanasi

©. Shringeri

(d). Nadia

Answer – (a)

20.Which of the following rules does not belong to gurjarapratihar dynasty?

(a). Mahendrapal – I

(b). Bharatrabhatta- I

©. Nagabhatta- II

(d). Devapal

Answer – (b)

21.In pre- Medieval kingdoms of Rajasthan, the designation “Nainittika” was used for?

(a). Head of Public health Department

(b). Chief judicial officer

©. Royal hard

(d). State Astrologer

22.The Revolutionary, Who was convicted in the Mahant Pyarelal Murder Case?

(a). Shyamji Krishna Varma

(b). Vijay Singh pathik

©. Zorawar Singh

(d). Kesari Singh Barhat

Answer – 4

23.Who among the following negotiated Subordinate Alliance of 1817-18 with the Princely state of Rajputana?

Answer – Charles Metcalf

24.Which among the following is not correctly Matched?

(a). Pagi- Chandra Prakash Deval

(b). Pagphero – Mani Madhukar

©.Bold Bharmali – Yavendra Sharma

(d). Kodmade – Meghraj Mukul

Answer – ©

25.The Singing tradition with which Gavari Devi was Associated:

(a). Mand

(b). Thumari

©. Langa

(d). Talabandi

Answer – (a)

26.The Princely states, which was not the part of Rajasthan union formed on 25th March 1948?

(a). Pratapgarh

(b). Shapura

©. Bundi

(d). Udaipur

Answer – ©

27. Who was the Editor of ‘Tyag Bhumi”?

(a). Jai Narayana Vyas

(b). Rishi Dutt Metha

©. Hari Bhau Upadhyaya

(d). Devi Dutta Tripathi

28.Among the Mathematical indices for measuring bio- diversity, which one shows the mean species diversity in a habitat at a local scale?

(a). Beta index

(b). Alpha Index

©. Gramma index

(d). Gamma Index

29. Women Saint Daya Bai was a disciple of

(a). Saint Nimbarkacharya

(b). Saint Rancharan

©. Saint Charandas

(d). Saint Raidas

Answer – ©

RAS RTS Pre Answer Key 2018 pdf Download Part 1

The RPSC had productively completed the RPSC RAS Pre Exam on 5th August 2018. After attending the exam, applicants are hunting for the RAS Answer Key 2018.

RAS Pre 2018 Answer Key Part 2 Download

RAS Pre 2018 Answer Key Part 3 Download

RAS Pre Answer Key 2018 Part 4 Download

 Important Link 

RAS Prelims 2018 Answer Key  Download Here
Official Website  https://rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in/
RAS Prelims Solution Paper Download   Download Here 
RAS Pre Result and Cut off Marks  Check Here


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